About The Artist

Jo at work in her studio

Unfinished horse

Work in progress

Jo was born and brought up on a farm in the West of Ireland. It was here that her love and affinity with animals and the natural world first began.

At the age of 12 she moved with her family to Devon where they lived on the edges of Dartmoor, surrounded by a melee of horses, dogs and sheep.

After leaving school Jo embarked on an equestrian career which involved competing and training both event horses and riders.

This she now realises was the perfect preparation for making sculpture, honing a keen eye for detail, movement and form.

Her subsequent understanding of animals along with her natural talent and affinity with her subjects has allowed her to create the personalities and essence of her beloved animals as well as the beauty and form of her nudes.

Her work has been shown with MacLean Fine Art in Cork Street, The Mall Galleries in London and at various exhibitions throughout England and the South West.

Her work is also held in various private collections throughout the world including Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong and the USA.

Jo currently lives with her husband and two sons on their farm near Dartmoor in the heart of Devon where she has a studio.